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Nathan Abplanalp is voted the Best Charlotte Wedding Photographer

Nathan Abplanalp holds over 15 years of photography experience and has captured countless weddings all around the country. His attention to detail and ability to capture true, genuine moments stands out above the rest. At Nathan Abplanalp Photography, we believe your wedding day photography should be as unique, vibrant and momentous as the wedding day itself.

Nathan Abplanalp and his family in Charlotte NC

We are a family run business. Our husband and wife team focuses to serve you with the utmost care. Like your wedding day, photos are about relationship. We want to create a connection with you so you shine through your photos. We offer a unique four-step process that ensures each and every photograph delivered to you is hand perfected and ready to print. We begin by focusing on quality photos, selecting only the best. Nathan fine tunes each one, adjusts color to provide a seamless wedding day and finally, retouches to perfection. Our love of photography and excellence is what compels us to go above and beyond, giving you only the best. We hold high value in printed photographs and believe every wedding photo we produce is print quality.

Nathan Abplanalp shooting with his family in Charlotte NC

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Each wedding is a climactic event – so beautiful, energetic and vibrant. With each new wedding day, I am compelled to make it the very best that I have ever photographed and I am tremendously honored to do what I do. I get to capture the tearful moment when a father first sees his daughter in her wedding gown, a couple’s first kiss as husband and wife and when a groom holds his bride close during their first dance – there is nothing in the world like these moments. At the end of every wedding day, I feel like I have accomplished something very special for the couple and I can hardly wait to share each photo with them.

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